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photo by Andraz Lazic

I have added two elements since last month’s list:

  • added the means for y’all to include media in Comments to posts, and received two images from Ricardo
  • started a public Notion instance alongside this blog
  • confirmed the site is automatically getting backed up by the site host
  • figured out how to have Yoast push text/image metadata to Slack, Messages, search results, etc.
  • added the plugin Yoast SEO
  • added a Substack button to the newsletter page
  • made a page for newsletter signup
  • signed up for Substack
  • plugged in Google Analytics
  • enabled comments and received two
  • published a few posts
  • made a blog page
  • made a Regular Coffee page
  • made a super basic home page
  • installed Divi
  • installed WordPress
  • set up hosting
  • reserved a domain name

We are still at the earliest beginnings, barely there, and yet we are underway.