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1. Show up.
2. See what happens.

Regular Coffee

Join us Fridays 8 to 10 a.m. at Mozart’s Coffee (map).

  • All are welcome. This includes you.
  • Consider this your permanent open invite.
  • Mix with neighbors: entrepreneurs, artists, welders, writers, retirees, students, technologists, musicians, execs, vets, crusaders, and more.

Show up and see what happens.


You will find us with


Eddie Wilson is one of the Regulars, and years ago we adopted this symbol as our signifier. 3D-printed, brass, and stuffed-animal versions exist. Feel free to bring your own.

We have been listening to each other every Friday since 2008.

Come on down. You’ll be heard. We want to  know what you are working on and if you are stuck.


Other Fun and Fruitful Pursuits

Field Trips

Musuems and manufacturing plants, wildnerness and parks, infrastructure and assets — we have enjoyed some amazing tours together.

Live Music

Austin remains an embarrassment of riches. Options abound. I am surprised how often people who love Austin have still never been to a show. Let’s go.


We also have a Discord server. Once you hang with us at least once at Mozart’s in person, we can add you.


Post Office Box, 50138, Austin, TX 78763


(512) 469-0505, x 101


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