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Eric Burton of Black Pumas:

“The hardest thing here in Austin, especially for people like me, is just being able to maintain on a level where you are eating every night, you are able to shower. It’s harder to do it as a musician.”

posted by Andrew Bennett in 2016

A friend shared this one for our list of music videos that feature Austin. While not a music video for a song, this artifact beautifully captures both artist and Austin at a particular moment, so I’ve added it.

Eric also offered:

When I get a positive reaction, it helps me know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Clearly, he was.

  • Black Pumas would form the following year.
  • Their debut album took them to the Grammys and beyond.

Positive reactions to his busking on the streets of Austin helped him know and keep going.
May Austin civically maintain this spirit on a level that matches its astounding artists.

Experience this town’s amazing music (and food, film, art, startups…).
Power positive reaction.
It’s what we’re supposed to be doing.