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Thank you, Chris Sharpe.

The Creator COO podcast ably covers the business side of the creator economy. Discussing how Yoga With Adriene got into physical goods, Chris Sharpe was asked, “Who did you use to do the merch side of your business?

He replied:

We used a company called Amplifier, They’re awesome. They do print-on-demand, but they’re really like a full-service production company, and they’re set up like a merch platform for the Internet, and they’re based in Austin.

We collaborated on wildly successful periodic presales campaigns and then a wider permanent shop. While the above clip hops right to these comments, I recommend the entire episode.

Great people, FWFG under Chris and Adriene’s leadership have thoughtfully and methodically built real strength, success upon success. They have much wisdom to impart any entrepreneur setting sail or well underway.