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We saw Beaver a couple weeks back — a great time and excellent set.

Confoundingly, Spotify shows 270 monthly listeners, 20 in Austin.
That’s just wrong.

I have collected some of his songs in this playlist so that you can regularly sample his excellent work:

Give Beaver a listen and tell your friends.

Ideally 278 makes 300, then 5, then 1,000 on its way up and out.

The show we luckily caught also featured Troy Campbell singing originals as well as a couple Jo Carol Pierce covers, which got them sharing several great and vivid stories about Austin and music.

What a town.

If you got a minute
Come meet me at the hideout
We’ll get all up in it
Yeah, we’ll get it figured
We’ll remember where we fit
Laughing till the center’s split

from the title track of Beaver’s 2023 release A Friend From Out Of Town , which evokes quite the regularing atmosphere, eh