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This week’s conversations nicely kept remixing as folks streamed in and out and moved around.

  • Early chats explored the career arcs of Willie and Waylon, Ben and Matt, Dan and Bill, as we also discussed the different ethoi of Austin, LA, Nashville, and NYC, including outlaw country; something else that dresses up trying to look like outlaw country; the machine-driven degradation of signal all-too-often forced into movie sequels; and the relationship between good art and anger.
  • Ricardo extolled Thank You A Lot, a 2014 film (streaming on Amazon Prime) that features James Hand. KXAN interviewed filmmaker Matt Muir before its SXSW debut:
local news from 2014
  • We discussed Austin’s film industry and history, and I recommend Alison Macor’s Chainsaws, Slackers, and Spy Kids.
  • Folks exchanged their eclipse plans as well as their area-inundation plans.
  • We shared stories about the Briscoe Center for American History, The Neill-Cochran House, and area cemeteries.
  • Dewy mentioned he assumed that the capitol was city hall when he moved here decades ago from Philadelphia, which I guess I get.
photo by Chris Henry
  • We also talked Notion as well as not loving Google Calendar. Maybe check out Hey from Basecamp.
  • I also shared Moonwalkers during chatter on step counts and certain jobs requiring 12+ miles a day.