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We enjoyed another great hangout.

  • Early conversation got technical about oil exploration and production, heavily featuring Jeremy who works in software / data analytics for oil exploration and Chris, a chemist whose company produces soap “pills” used in production.
  • We also explored Texas economics and history, including our visits to the Texas Land Office over the years, where we saw priceless maps and original land grants given to David Crockett, Will Travis, and others.
  • Thankfully, for Texans at least, Texas controls almost all of its public lands, whereas west of here, the feds do.
Source: Big Think
  • As you can see from this map, the US controls a national park, maybe a forest, too, and military bases in Texas; the rest belongs to Texas.
Source: Wikipedia
  • I am often surprised how few people have any idea how aggressive federal control gets out west. It’s a largely invisible factor despite its tremendous import.
  • Talking oil economics and history also got us chatting about Killers of the Flower Moon.
  • Holden shared his background and expertise designing museum experiences as well as products, and we discussed Austin institutions like the Ransom Center, Briscoe Center, and more.
  • Several folks were talking about the peculiar local current job market.
  • A couple folks shared Rodeo Austin stories and plans.
  • I leaned into Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work, hoping more regulars will soon publish their ideas via their own sites. We shall see.
  • I brought my library copy of Read Write Own, and a few people thumbed through it while we explored yet again creator economics in music, comedy, etc. (Get yourself a library card.)

Thanks, y’all.