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These gatherings often refill my tanks, and this week’s edition certainly did.

Conversations clustered and divided kaleidoscopically all morning, so, while I did not catch everything:

  • We extended last week’s manufacturing deep dive, especially concerning northern Mexico. Some Regulars drive real trade across the border, and hearing about these projects helps.
  • Early, a long group-wide discussion explored Austin’s music economy, probing how we might, almost as a civic prank (at least as a thought exercise) help Austin musicians make more money. We talked labels, streaming, licensing, vinyl today, vinyl in the old days, marketing, live shows, Sonic Guild, and more. Helpfully, True of The Handyband Collective shared experiences as musician, event producer, and entrepreneur.
  • We also explored Austin vs Nashville vs Seattle vs LA and NYC as places of music (including Dave Grohl’s intriguing and idiosyncratic series Sonic Highways). Austin remains both an embarrassment of riches for listeners and also a puzzling if not punishing knot for the players.
  • As another point of comparison, we chatted about Austin’s massive CPG success relative to music as well as other Austin creators like filmmakers, chefs, comedians, podcasters, and other artists.
  • I also appreciated listening to Clay and RD talk 3d manufacturing and prefab housing models, and Ryan shared about his payments startup.

I hope and trust all is well with you and yours.
If it’s not, please tell someone. (Maybe us this Friday.)