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Flow followed fog Friday.

Friday’s session flowed well. They all do. At least a couple dozen folks breezed through, and I caught these bits:

  • Ricardo and Dewy arrived early, leaning into our January records and sharing the most impactful or memorable records from their youth. I sketched plans for a monthly record-listening gathering I will soon host at Amplifier, a first follower of the great ListenUp! effort some friends started six months back.
  • Dan demoed what he and Leon are building, which might complement what Ambar’s cooking since both artfully deploy AI and LLMs to improve skill development and career outcomes. This led to a few experts deep-diving recent trends in the space.
  • Several of us went deep on manufacturing in Texas and Mexico as well as our time spent living and working in Mexico. We discussed the Apollo Masters fire; the documentary 1994; ARMA and other city chapters across Texas; Kevin’s latest; Rob’s latest; a couple of John Stibal’s projects; Jan Reid’s rough experience; and much more.
  • A couple local logistics pros including John from Contoro yielded good discussions in this domain.
  • True met Ed on the back deck a few months back, and he’s helped program The Backyard Pickleball Bash, a festival Ed’s launching first in Houston in March. We heard the latest.
  • We discussed two ocean-mapping efforts, including Austin’s innovative Terradepth. Judson recently visited us.
  • We got to talking about our first concerts. Six Flags season’s passes at ages 10, 11, and 12 got me into Kool & The Gang, Night Ranger, Billy Idol, Earth Wind & Fire, Air Supply, and other shows.
  • Several people shared updates on recent pitches and products. And there were at least 10 folks I never really got to catch up with, always a positive vitality indicator.

Join some Friday morning, and see what happens.