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Regulars, I recommend you make March 29’s edition so you can meet Aaron Tanner, hang out, and hear his story. Visiting Austin from Indiana, he will join us.

  • Aaron founded Melodic Virtue, a small, artist-friendly independent publisher that preserves and promotes the legacies of underground bands through limited-run, exquisitely designed coffee table books that feature rare photographs and artwork with gripping first-hand anecdotes from fans and contemporaries.
  • For example, check out the deluxe edition of Butthole Surfers: What Does Regret Mean? (Here are photos of a related 2019 event at Waterloo Records.)
  • Prior to creating these amazing books, he was Ween’s resident designer for over 20 years. Enjoy these samples of that stellar run.

Aaron has created signature authorized coffee table books on The Residents, Butthole Surfers, Ministry, and more with more to come. I fervently wish Texas designers would follow his lead to present Guy Clark, Doug Sahm, Townes, Stevie, Willie, and more as deftly, immersively, and beautifully as he has shown possible. How can we help make it so?